Cleanroom Construction, Testing, Certification, and Consulting

Cleanroom construction builds (walls, ceilings, floors), cleanroom performance testing, certification, and cleanroom consulting for all controlled environments.


Best-in-class installers of your facility’s walls, ceilings, and floors regardless of the product manufacturer, specializing in all ISO, USP 797, USP 800 and cGMP facility classifications.

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With more than 20 years of experience in ISO, USP 797, USP 800 and cGMP facilities, we can guide, troubleshoot, and correct any performance issues in your new or existing facility.

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Recent News

Aug 1 2016

ISPE-CaSA Holds 2015-16 Chapter Board Meeting

ISPE-CaSA is a 1,300-member organization dedicated to helping those in the Life Sciences industry further their education, network, and improve technical efficiency. Committee chairs and executive board members, including Jim Hubbard, chair...

Jul 5 2016

AMCBP Helps Upgrade Cleanroom Airflow Equipment

AM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) was hired by a garment cleaning company to replace HEPA and ULPA filters in two of their facilities to meet their customer’s specifications. Unfortunately, their filters...