3 Cleanroom Construction Fundamentals You Don’t Want to Miss

cleanroom constructionAMCBP (AM Cleanroom Build and Performance) takes cleanroom construction projects very seriously. We follow strict industry standard processes for each cleanroom project, while also working directly with clients to ensure completion and satisfaction.

First, here are the industry standard processes that we follow in each project:

  • Conduct pre-project planning
  • Define the project scope
  • Identify needs on the front-end
  • Draft documentation for construction
  • Procure necessary materials
  • Start and complete construction
  • Install equipment and certify set-up

Adhering to the industry standard processes is essential for a cleanroom project. However, the project is not complete without meeting the following three principles that are the difference-makers in a highly successful project.

Fundamental Principle #1: Flexibility

AMCBP strongly emphasizes the planning and pre-construction phases of each cleanroom construction project to ensure that our team and the client align with the scope of the project.

However, things change. A storm blows through. The client experiences an unforeseen business event. Essential materials are delayed due to a logistics issue.

The budget, timeline, and quality of the project cannot be compromised. However, flexibility should be built into the plan to ensure that each team stays on track to meet the client’s goals. Taking this step also prepares the entire project team to focus on the project timeline even when conditions change.

Essentially, a successful project requires each party having the right mindset and approach to continue driving toward completion on time, on spec, and within the client’s budget.

Fundamental Principle #2: Transparency

A key component of the AMCBP approach and philosophy is complete transparency with our clients.

If a project falls behind schedule, it is our responsibility to communicate updates to the client. We also believe it’s important to communicate with vendors to make them part of a solution to get the project back on track.

To enhance transparency in our cleanroom construction projects, our project manager takes an active role during construction. The manager will walk the field, understand what’s causing issues or delays, communicate the update to the client, and continue to coordinate a resolution.

In our approach, transparency is not optional. We believe it’s required to ensure the job is completed correctly and to the satisfaction of the client.

Fundamental Principle #3: Goal-Driven Decision-Making

When construction is ongoing, difficult decisions will need to be made. And, there will be an inclination to make decisions that best serve certain teams. That is not the best approach.

The best approach to a successful cleanroom construction project is to make decisions that best serve the client and the project goals.

This requirement captures why the pre-planning stage is crucial to ensure that each involved party understands the scope of the project and how individual decisions will be made during construction. Then, when tough decisions need to be made, everyone can refer back to the plan to understand the decision-making process.

Why Should You Work with AMCBP?

AMCBP specializes in all ISO classifications and we are equipped for cleanroom construction projects in numerous industries: semiconductor, life science, biopharm, data centers, research, and higher education.

Our approach sets us apart. AMCBP project teams carefully listen to client requirements and create a solution that prioritizes the client’s needs for the project. Then, we use our extensive industry experience and knowledge to formulate a plan with built-in flexibility, transparency, and goal-driven decision-making.

To find out why you should use AMCBP for your next cleanroom construction project in the U.S. or internationally, contact our team today to discuss your needs.