AMCBP Completes Cleanroom Authentication Project for High-Tech Company

AM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) recently completed an “As Build” Certification of Cleanrooms project for a growing high-technology company in the Pacific Northwest.

The client required cleanroom authentication to support their production of technology products in an emerging market.

AMCBP was commissioned to provide the following services:

  • Leak Test on 15 filters
  • Airflow Volumetric Readings on 15 filters
  • Air Cleanliness Level Survey on 3 rooms
  • Differential Room Pressure Survey on 3 rooms
  • NEBB Stamped Certification Report

AMCBP Continues Industry Leadership in Cleanroom Authentication

AMCBP followed the proper industry procedures for the project and used accurate measurements in our readings, as verified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

Each AMCBP team member that worked on the project has more than 15 years of relevant experience helping build or authenticate cleanrooms for companies.

“We are proud of the long history of cleanroom projects for each team member,” says Robert Logston, Cleanroom Project Lead. “Our team’s hands-on knowledge, capability for all stages of the project, and successful project delivery through Lean methods makes us the preferred partner for cleanroom construction projects.”

AMCBP is a NEBB Certified company that has worked on more than 5,000 cleanroom projects. These projects have included cleanroom build, construction management, cleanroom testing, cleanroom construction, and cleanroom authentication and certification for companies, especially in the high-tech industry.

To find out more about working with our cleanroom team for your next project, contact AMCBP today.