AMCBP Completes ISO 6 Cleanroom Installation Project for Global Equipment Manufacturer

AM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) recently completed a Cleanroom construction project for a global equipment manufacturer on the west coast. softwall cleanroom construction

The project called for an expedited timeline for material procurement and installation of a custom cleanroom system, constructed using P5001 Unistrut to support the wall framing and ceiling framing.

AMCBP was commissioned to provide the following services for the cleanroom:

  • Utilize Simplex Airblock curtain systems to complete the softwall enclosures
  • Construct ceiling frames to accommodate HEPA modules, light fixtures, and ceiling tiles
  • Include PVC perimeter curtains, a cleanroom light module, and blank cleanroom tiles
  • Include Fan Filter units with a HEPA filter and 30% ASHRAE pleated type pre-filter

Additionally, the project called for the constructed cleanroom to meet the ISO 6, Class 1000 standard for allowable particles in the environment.

AMCBP was asked to conduct a filter leak test and perform a particle count. Our tests were verified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau and authenticated with an NEBB Stamped report.

AMCBP Continues Industry Leadership in Cleanroom Construction

AMCBP has assembled a very capable and experienced team with 20 years of individual experience building and constructing cleanrooms.

“Our facility solutions team has worked with this client for several years, and it was great to have an opportunity to deliver on other services, like cleanroom installation. Our team of cleanroom construction experts have hands-on knowledge and experience at all stages of the process from design to certification,” says Robert Logston, Cleanroom Project Lead. “This makes us the preferred industry partner for cleanroom suppliers through our successful project delivery following Lean methods.”

AMCBP is an NEBB Certified company that has worked on more than 5,000 cleanroom projects. These projects have included cleanroom build and construction, softwall cleanroom construction, construction management, and cleanroom authentication, especially in the high-tech industry.

To find out more about working with our cleanroom team for your next project, contact AMCBP today.