AMCBP Completes Large Scale Manufacturing Space Consolidation Project

Manufacturing Space Consolidation ProjectAM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) recently completed a large scale manufacturing space consolidation project at a repurposed warehouse in the Southwestern United States.

The scope of the cleanroom construction project called for several separate actions to consolidate and reconfigure the existing rooms to bring the warehouse into compliance with the latest standards for cleanroom operations.

For this project, AMCBP performed the following services:

  • Demolished existing air walls.
  • Demolished column covers and metal support.
  • Installed a raised metal floor after demolishing the existing raised metal floor.
  • Installed a Plascore F5075 2” wall system to provide return air chases and air locks.
  • Installed AM Cleanroom Build 2.0 Ceiling systems with unistrut support.
  • Installed MAC 10 LEAC2 Fan Filter Units.
  • Installed ducted supply modules.
  • Installed a Model 6010-03A Terra Universal Air Shower.

“The AM Cleanroom project team worked hard to achieve each of the project goals to bring this space into compliance for a cleanroom. We are thankful for our team’s effort staying on task and finishing within the construction timeline considering the amount of work required for the project,” says Robert Logston, Cleanroom Project Lead.

AMCBP is an NEBB Certified company that has worked on more than 5,000 projects. These projects have included cleanroom build, construction management, cleanroom testing, cleanroom construction, and cleanroom certification.

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