AMCBP Starts Cleanroom Build and Performance Project for Tech Company

tech companyAM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) recently started a cleanroom build project with a technology company opening a new facility in the Southwestern United States.

For this project, AMCBP will supply and install the following:

Plascore double-sided framed walls.

  • Half-glazed doors with standard push/pull hardware, concealed closer, and offset pivots.
  • Equipment openings throughout the facility.
  • Plenum systems throughout each phase
  • Multiple phases are in process simultaneously

AMCBP is working with the tech company throughout the cleanroom build process:

  • Using the Last Planner scheduling method to coordinate on-site work.
  • Project manager is updating installation trackers on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Daily and final cleanup of work.

“The AM Cleanroom project team integrates a proven total quality management program with all of our installations to ensure compliance with construction specifications, standard installation details, and state and local codes, ” says Robert Logston, Cleanroom Project Lead. “We have a cleanroom build protocol program through construction and our updated installation trackers allow for real-time visibility into the project status.”

AMCBP is an NEBB Certified company with more than 5,000 completed projects to our name. These projects have included construction management, cleanroom construction, cleanroom testing, and cleanroom certification.

To find out more about our qualifications for your next cleanroom build and performance project, contact AMCBP today!