The AMCBP Team Expands With Two New Key Hires

We recently added two new members to the AM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) team : Al Lara and Robert Whitehead. These two key hires were brought on to continue expanding our Cleanroom Build & Performance Division into multiple cities. Here is a little more about each new hire!

Al Lara

Al Lara officially joined the AMCRB team in November and had his first official project begin in January in Houston. Al has over 15 years of General Construction Management experience and was looking for a new challenge in the tech construction work place, making him an ideal fit for our Cleanroom team. We worked alongside Al for a number of years and felt he would be a good fit for our team. Al enjoys traveling to various projects and making sure they are executed to our customer’s expectations.

Robert Whitehead

Robert Whitehead officially joined the AMCRB team in early December. Robert specializes in Cleanroom Construction and Semiconductor installations and has been working in the industry since 1985. Robert chose to work with AMCRB because he was attracted to the opportunity to work in different types of cleanroom industries and the diversity of the AMCRB projects. He enjoys watching the evolution of cleanroom projects from start to finish, which also makes him an ideal hire for AMCRB.

“We are excited about our new team members because we know they have the experience and capabilities to deliver high quality cleanroom construction projects. Our clients have high expectations and Al and Robert expand our ability to deliver a greater volume of projects,” says Robert Logston, Cleanroom Division Leader.  

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