AMCBP Provides Critical Unit to Support Cleanroom Production

AM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) recently provided a critical unit to support cleanroom production for a technology company in the Western U.S.

The high-tech company required a special fan filter unit for their cleanroom to ensure they were compliant with the ISO standard for allowable particles in their cleanroom.

The company can only allow a certain number of particles during the production of medical devices and other medical supplies to ensure safe delivery to the end user and compliance with FDA regulations.

The new unit also allowed for the proper use of HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters in their production facility.

AMCBP Able to Identify Best Unit for the Cleanroom

AMCBP used our knowledge of cleanroom production and facilities to know which filter unit would provide the optimal support for the client’s production needs.

“Because of our experience and familiarity with cleanroom construction, our team knew the best unit to ensure safe and compliant production,” says Robert Logston, Cleanroom Project Lead. “Additionally, we shipped the fan filter unit directly to the client to help them quickly implement the filter in their facility.”

AMCBP is an NEBB Certified company that has worked on more than 5,000 cleanroom projects. These projects have included cleanroom build and construction, softwall cleanroom construction, construction management, and cleanroom authentication, especially in the high-tech industry.

To find out more about working with our cleanroom team for your next project, contact AMCBP today.