NEBB Certification: Our Commitment to Cleanroom Construction Standards

AM Technical Solutions is proud to be affiliated with 15 professional associations that value integrity in project management, cleanroom construction, and high-tech projects.

One such organization is the NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau). AMTS is certified by the NEBB for cleanroom testing and certification, and consulting.

We carry out our certified work under the banner of our AM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) division. The AMCBP team includes several professionals and technicians that have been certified by NEBB to support cleanroom construction projects.

NEBB Certification Captures Breadth of Knowledge

Our company has been fortunate to grow in knowledge, experience, and understanding of the processes that support successful cleanroom build projects. The driver of our expertise is the NEBB certification process.

Our professionals and technicians have completed rigorous training on the NEBB procedural standards and are certified in CPT (Cleanroom Performance Testing).

  • Emil Bordelon: NEBB Professional License (since 2003)
  • Richard Carraway: NEBB Professional License (since 2014)
  • Brian Russell: NEBB Technician (since 2018)
  • Jenne Portillo: NEBB Technician (since 2019)
  • Mike Carrico: NEBB Technician (since 2019)

This training ensures that our teams are capable of supporting the requirements of each cleanroom construction project without deviation.

“Following the cleanroom construction procedures, adhering to safety standards, and constantly communicating are of the utmost importance to our cleanroom construction teams,” says AMCBP team lead Robert Logston. “The NEBB Certification indicates that our teams are fully capable and trained to perform their tasks with the highest level of capability and integrity.”

When our customers see the NEBB certification seal attached to our work, they immediately understand that our team is qualified to perform the work in accordance with cleanroom construction standards.

To inquire about utilizing our team of NEBB certified professionals for your next cleanroom construction project, contact us today.