AM Cleanroom Build and Performance (AMCBP) offers data center construction solutions to industry leaders focused on maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk.

We confidently assist clients as a single-source partner from programming to project completion, using over 20 years of data center construction experience. If needed, we can provide various interior build out options, including our own ceiling system, with cost estimates and make a recommendation based on our experience. Our goal is to implement the best solution for your project in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our installation team will coordinate pre-fabricated and field-constructed systems to reduce installation cycle times and the number of contractors working in congested areas through a single floor, wall, ceiling and interstitial steel installation process.

This type of installation reduces overall headcount and coordination for the general contractor and allows us to ensure quality control and adhere to the highest environmental, health and safety standards.

With an expansive network of vendors and multiple projects being completed each year, we have the purchasing power to get the best pricing possible for each particular data center construction component. From metal flooring and wall systems to drop ceilings and interstitial steel, our team is comfortable acquiring and working with a variety of materials to create the data center you desire.

We also understand how to reduce air movement requirements for hot and cold aisle containment as well as decrease the number of VFD’s, fans, HVAC systems and cooling towers required. Simply put, from design to build, we put our name on the line and continually look out for your best interests.

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